Are you like some homeowners and in need of making some repairs but just can’t because all or most of your equity is tied up in your home?
Well, we have a solution for you!
With our Renovate Now, Pay Later Program, we help you to make these repairs without paying any money upfront.
The process works as such:
1. We meet with you with absolutely no pressure or obligation, determinethe “as is” value of your home as well as the potential repaired value.

2. From there, we get contractor bids for you from those within our trusted network.

3. Then, we step back and let the contractors do their work, repairing items that are most likely to get you the most money.

4. After that, you can choose to sell and put off payment until closing or stay and still defer that payment!

It’s a win-win for everyone! Homeowners are able to generate more equity and home sellers will undoubtedly get a better price. For us (and you), the home will more than likely sell much faster as is the case with repaired homes vs. those that need work.
It’s as easy as that!

Success Story:

Recently, we helped one client who started with an equity position of around $10,000.

After bringing in one of our preferred contractors, assessing what could be done to yield the highest market value, and making those renovations, we were able to help that client increase their equity position to over $65,000 in as little as one month!

If this program sounds like something you may be interested in, reach out to us!

There’s absolutely no obligation or strings attached. Rather, it’s our passion to help out those in our community!